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Freetortion PlugIns are available in 64 bit on Mac OS X

Included PlugIns:


  • Volume I - Red Skull Distortion
  • Volume II - Fuzz-Stone Distortion
  • Volume III - Fuzz-Stone[Ge] Distortion
  • Volume IV - Whamdrive Distortion
  • Volume V - California Sun Distortion
  • Volume VI - EddieVsHeaven


Freetortion Series, a collection of free effect plug-ins for
Windows and Mac.
The Freetortion Series includes Red Skull (high-gain distortion),
Fuzz-Stone ('60's styled guitar fuzz tone),
Fuzz-Tone[Ge] (Fuzz style Germanium transistor distortion),
Whamdrive (shift the pitch),
California Sun (guitar combo amplifier),
and EddieVsHeaven (complete guitar rig in a stompbox).

The MAC OS X installer installs both Audio Unit and VST plugins which are capable of 32 or 64 bit.

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